Quasi 2.0
Animatronic Characters - Quasi 2.0

Meet Quasi - a perpetually 12 year old robot boy who loves to make new friends! He'll strike up a conversation with anyone, especially kids. He's traveled all over the world, from Brazil to Qatar, on his quest to understand humans better.

Like all 12 year olds, Quasi is at once naive and precocious. Yes, he can answer your math problems, but he's more interested in expressing how he feels and teaching you how to dance like a robot.

Quick Facts


April 30, 2005

Favorite Food:
Yellow M&Ms

Pittsburgh PA

Current Location:
Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center

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Quasi 2.0 is the second generation of Interbot's first robot, Quasi 1.0. Quasi 2.0 was designed to be more portable than his predecessor.

Aside from the addition of legs, the biggest difference between Quasi 2.0 and Quasi 1.0 is the internal mechanical subsystem, which was completely overhauled and re-designed for Quasi 2.0.

In Quasi 1.0, all of the hobby servo motors were contained inside the figureís armature. While this allowed for the animatronic figure to be compact and self-contained, it made replacement and repair very difficult and forced the use of smaller, less powerful, less durable hobby servos. In Quasi 2.0, larger and more powerful industrial grade servos have been placed in an easily accessible ďservo bankĀEunderneath the robot and push-pull cables are used to transfer the mechanical forces to the armature.

Without the constraint of fitting the servos inside the shell, the number of Quasi 2.0ís servos was increased from 27 to 31, allowing for a larger number of movements. The movements themselves also have a much greater range of motion as movement of the armature is not impeded by the internal placement of motors. Inertia of the figure is also reduced, allowing for more precise, faster movements with less mechanical backlash.