10 Lessons from a 6-figure Medium Writer for 2021

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10 Lessons from a 6-figure Medium Writer for 2021
10 Lessons from a 6-figure Medium Writer for 2021
Just started writing on Medium.com or not seeing your desired results yet?! Make sure to watch this video about 10 Lessons I learned in my 2 years of writing on Medium!

Only less than 7% of all Medium writers make more than 100 per month through the Medium Partner Program – watch the video to learn what I did differently to turn my writing into a 5-figure/month income.

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For those of you, who don’t know me yet: I’m Sinem Günel, a Medium Top-Writer, 6-Figure Entrepreneur & Coach. I LOVE supporting new writers to achieve success on Medium.

I realized that new writers need more than just some questions answered – they need a clear step-by-step guide to follow. That’s why I founded the Medium Writing Academy. It’s the only program that will guide you through everything you need to know in order to succeed on Medium in 2021.
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