12 DIY Kitchen Projects to Produce Extra Storage

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12 DIY Kitchen Projects to Produce Extra Storage
12 DIY Kitchen Projects to Produce Extra Storage
More detail related to our 12 DIY kitchen projects for more storage videos:

12. A DIY Hood Fan With Storage Idea (00:37)
The first idea will remove your stove hood fan cabinets’ lackluster appearance.
11. A Knife and Cutting Board Drawer Transformation by “Queen Bee Of Honey Dos.” (00:59)
The first idea will remove your stove hood fan cabinets’ lackluster appearance.
10. An Easy DIY Wood Spice Drawer Organizer from Decorhint (01:29)
First, measure the width and length inside your drawer. You will also need to measure the height of your spice containers.
9. A Rustic yet pretty kitchen drawer transformation from Golubka Kitchen (02:06)
Rustic look has never failed to carve out warmth in any room, including the kitchen.
8. A Drawer Organization Project for Tea Holics (02:37)
Drawer dividers may not be a new thing for you, especially if you are dealing with clutter
7. Use the awkward space for a Pantry Cabinet (03:04)
Using a single sheet of plywood, you can occupy the awkward space in your kitchen to host a DIY pantry cabinet.
6. A Mounted Trashcan under the sink (03:31)
First, decide the can dimension that fits your cabinet and cut a ½/” plywood into the bottom and the front sizes.
5. A Two-tiered Diy Bread Box Project Idea (04:02)
First, build the sides by cutting the front and back side boards. Then, create a 45-degree angle on the top of the front sideboard.
4. A Three-Tier Spice Rack Idea (04:51)
The tiered spice rack will shorten your digging and searching.
3. A straightforward 10 Roll Out project for Kitchen Cabinet Idea by Ana white (05:28)
Building this shelf will depend on how the shelf is installed and what kind of cabinet you have.
2. A chic yet functional dresser-to-kitchen island transformation idea by Hearthwoodhome (06:00)
The first thing you do to turn your dresser into a kitchen island is to remove the top of the dresser.
1. A DIY Storage Console Project Idea By Woodshopdiaries (06:53)
First, cut one sheet of ¾/” plywood into three 16/” wide strips.

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