5x Growth in 3yrs With 918 Design Co

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5x Growth in 3yrs With 918 Design Co
5x Growth in 3yrs With 918 Design Co
Leeah Calvert has taken her business to new heights in record time! She mentioned key things she did to bring 918 design to over a million dollars in revenue. Find out what helped on this week’s episode of the Print Hustlers Podcast.

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01:14:55 Intro
01:19:41 918 Design
01:22:25 Implementing Screen Printing AND Printavo
01:23:07 Subbing vs In House.
01:26:01 Commending Matt Marcotte
01:28:45 The Race to 2 Million
01:32:02 Answer the Phone
01:34:17 Getting Great Reviews
01:37:01 Embroidery/Screen Printing Ratio
01:40:29 Habits of Successful People
01:42:43 Taking Initiative
01:46:36 A day without the owner
01:50:27 How much do you share with the team
01:56:38 Sharing Your Vision
01:59:29 Gymnastics Apparel

Bruce Ackerman

Steven Farag

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