A Royal Coronation (Mark 15:16-32)

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A Royal Coronation (Mark 15:16-32)
A Royal Coronation (Mark 15:16-32)
LCPC Evening Worship Service, 5:30pm Sunday 30 April 2023 at St Botolph’s Aldersgate, Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A 4EU.
Preacher: Rev Andy Longwe
Sermon: A Royal Coronation (Mark 15:16-32)

Order of service: https://mcusercontent.com/4bdc6ff0ef98a04734b74ede3/files/7079c134-8393-a3ea-bd29-68a1e5c3ea60/20230430_PM_order_of_service.pdf

Senior worksheet: https://mcusercontent.com/4bdc6ff0ef98a04734b74ede3/files/279e2c40-a99a-4af0-ba3d-fe7456bd9305/older_worksheet.pdf

For more information please visit our website at http://www.lcpc.org.uk

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