Annapolis Mover Explains How to Pack Heavy Items

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Annapolis Mover Explains How to Pack Heavy Items
Annapolis Mover Explains How to Pack Heavy Items
Annapolis mover explains how to pack heavy items in a small box.

When moving, small boxes are great for packing heavy items, such as books or canned goods and will typically hold between 50-60 lbs. In this video, A-One Moving demonstrates how to properly pack heavy items in a small box.

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Presenter: Hi, I’m Ron with A one Moving and I am going to be going over the proper way to pack some boxes.

We are starting in the kitchen. We are going to start with a 1.5, which is known as a small box. You will need some paper. This is a twenty five pound for twenty five dollars, it is precut and you should be able to pick it up for somewhere near there. And, this is called paper tape, it is the tape of choice. It is very easy to use, it is more expensive but you will wind up using less of it. This is a 1.5 box, better known as a small. You start out by taping the bottom, by folding the flaps in, small first and then taping up the bottom with one across the top. Paper tape likes to be rubbed and then just a little on the sides. So here is your 1.5 ready for action and you fill it full of a lot of products around the house, mainly used for heavy items, bolts, files anything heavy. Remember to fill your box so it doesn’t crush. Filled, this weighs about fifty or sixty pounds which is acceptable for movers. That’s why it is the size it is, small. In the kitchen, it is going to be used for canned goods, liquids, anything like that…silverware.

You can put very special, fragile items in a 1.5 wrapped up with clean white paper. Obviously, you can put anything in a 1.5, but it is mainly used for heavy items. For this example I am going to fill this 1.5 full of canned goods from the pantry. Technically, you don’t need any clean white paper on the bottom of it but you can put a couple pieces on the bottom if you want it to be a quieter box. So, let’s fill it up. I like it full with the same size stuff so I can use the top of the box as well. A lot of times in your kitchen, you come across jars that are pretty heavy and don’t need a lot of protection so I usually give them one quick wrap of clean white. This is probably all the protection a tough jar like this would require and you could them right along with the other cans.

Now, our first bottom level is completed, you might want to put some more white paper on there to get ready for a different level. So now we are ready to find stuff for the top of this box. I like picking out silverware, anything small that can go on top. Your everyday silverware doesn’t need any protection so you can wrap it in multiples. Now you are just left with this little packet that can just go right on top.
So we are ready for this last layer of the box, we already have two heavy layers, silverware and canned goods so we are going to go with something extremely light. There are a lot of different choices in your kitchen. You could do a layer of spices which doesn’t even have to be wrapped. Small items from the pantry or aluminum foil, plastic wrap. You can also use hand towels. Then you want to get a last piece of paper in to lock everything in and fold up the flaps. A piece of tape across the top. One piece of tape is all you need to seal it up and now it’s time to label the box. You want destination and the contents that are in it. Destination for this box will be K-I-T – stands for kitchen. Make it nice and large because that way the movers aren’t struggling to find out where it goes. And then you want to put some stuff that’s in the box. I don’t think you need to label everything. In this box it will be canned goods and silverware. And this box is ready to go to your new home.

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