ASMR Rare Triggers for Restful Sleep Pt. 2 – 1 Hr

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ASMR Rare Triggers for Restful Sleep Pt. 2 - 1 Hr
ASMR Rare Triggers for Restful Sleep Pt. 2 – 1 Hr
hii – this rare & random trigger assortment includes: hypnotizing visual triggers, personal attention, bright light triggers, spoolie nibbling, hand movements, camera tapping & attention, tingly mouth sounds, whisper rambling & relaxing tapping/scratching sounds. i hope this video relaxes your mind & gives you some tingles, you deserve it! thanks for watching! xo

0:00 intro
2:45 “stipple”
5:12 inaudible counting
8:55 spoolie nibbling
12:05 ring light hand movements *BRIGHT LIGHT*
15:50 sound doesn’t match visuals
18:55 pen light over comb *FLASHING LIGHTS*
21:40 taking your tingles
23:45 fabric scratching
26:00 roller on the remote
28:45 “ssshhhh”
30:30 spiderwebs
31:55 rhinestone scratching
34:05 light over your eyelids
36:30 controller sounds
39:25 comb over the camera *FLASH WARNING*
42:35 tunnel vision *SOME BRIGHT LIGHT*
48:15 build up tapping
51:30 flow rings
56:35 heartbeat
01:00:30 outro

inspired by:
(heartbeat) Vivasiti
(spiderwebs) Sunshine Jazzy
(/”tunnel vision/”) ASMR by alynicolejosephina
(build up tapping) Eevy ASMR

(tips are absolutely NOT necessary, but some were asking. thank you SO much!)

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hey there, new friend! my name is Tori but you can call me T. welcome to my youtube channel! thank you for stopping by. i was introduced to ASMR in 2014 and i’ve been in love with it ever since. ASMR has helped me sleep, reduce migraine pain and relax when i’m feeling anxious; i hope my videos can do the same for you 🙂 some of my absolute favorite triggers are personal attention triggers, hand movements, tapping, and tongue clicking! i know that ASMR isn’t for everyone, but this is what i love to do. don’t forget to subscribe and i love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment! much love, T.

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