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Bulk Bags
Bulk Bags
• 4 heavy duty corner straps – Forkliftable.
• Woven polypropylene resists UV and water.
• Collapsible for easy storage.
• Document pocket.
• FDA compliant.
• S-19916 and S-23458 – 3 mil poly liners protect against moisture and contamination.
• S-22714, S-13644, S-19915 and S-24813 – Corner baffles keep bag square for easy stacking.
• Bulk Bag Lifter available. Lift heavy loaded bulk bags safely.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Water and UV Resistent
0:27 Stackable and Forkliftable
0:39 Heavy Duty Corner Straps
0:44 Corner Baffles
0:51 Sewn in Documents Pocket
0:55 3 mil Poly Liner

Bag Types:
1:14 Spout Top, Spout Bottom Bags
1:23 Duffle Top, Spout Bottom Bags
1:37 Duffle Top, Plain Bottom Bags
1:42 Open Top, Plain Bottom Bags

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