Deluxe – Blocked feat. Taiwan Mc

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Deluxe - Blocked feat. Taiwan Mc
Deluxe – Blocked feat. Taiwan Mc
Deluxe – Blocked feat. Taiwan MC from The Deluxe Family Show

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The Deluxe Family Show : 1st LP
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Polishing Peanuts : 1st EP
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Stachelight : 2nd LP
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– Kaya / Bass
– Kilo / Drums & Dj
– Liliboy / Voice
– Pepe / Sax & keys
– Pietre / Guitar & keys
– Soubri / Percussion & machines

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Chords Tab :

Couplet Dm C
Pont Dm F E Dm
Dubstep 1 Dm. F. G.
Dubstep 2 Dm. F. A.

You’d better run run run run to hell
There’s an army of angry ladies at your door

Playing the meanest little games, don’t do you good no they don’t
Your time as come, the dead is done you’re bout to pay for them all,
They’ve come with clippers silver scissors aiming right at your balls
Don’t stand a chance you been outnumbered bout to pay for them all

You hear ya’
Whole town know you’ve screwed up big time
Fooling ’round with Miss Brown, Sally, Patsy, Clementine!
Molly, Daisy, Madeline!
Leagued against your dark force
Cooking quite the big fuss
And building up in powerpuss

Out to put you down for good

I tried to warn you, tried to point you hoes get mean and weirdo
They play dumb but when you done they ‘member where u live hun
Get your kitten get your mittens Fly them out the window
Backdoors bloked with cranky bitches pointy teeth in their cunts

Recorded in Deluxe’s Studio by Nicolas Bertocchi
Mixed By Sodi at Zarma Studio
Mastering by Simon Davey at The Exchange
Taiwan MC’s vocals recorded by Nicolas Bertocchi at Deluxe’s Studio

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