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Doom Eternal - Ultra-Nightmare 100% Completion
Doom Eternal – Ultra-Nightmare 100% Completion
DOOM Eternal – Ultra Nightmare 100% Completion on Raytracing Update w/ Ultra Nightmare Graphic Settings / Full Game Completion on Hardest Difficulty w/ All Collectibles & Challenges Completed. Just a long video of my ultra nightmare completion of Doom Eternal and the base campaign. This is the highest difficulty of the game, and if you wipe at any point you lose the save and have to start from the beginning. Details and timestamps below.

00:00 – Hell on Earth
21:05 – Exultia
52:10 – Cultist Base
1:24:28 – Doom Hunter Base
1:44:40 – Doom Hunter Boss Fight
1:55:12 – Super Gore Nest
2:27:22 – Arc Complex
3:05:30 – 1st Marauder
3:09:10 – Mars Core
3:35:59 – Sentinel Prime
3:41:41 – Gladiator Boss Fight
3:50:10 – Taras Nabad
4:19:19 – Fortress of Doom (Wasting Time Upgrading Everything)
4:29:37 – Nekravol
4:46:30 – Nekravol – Part II
5:05:45 – Urdak
5:28:54 – Khan Maykr Boss Fight
5:33:01 – Final Sin
5:45:53 – Icon of Sin Boss Fight
5:54:16 – Completion & Showing All Unlocks for 100%

Finally decided it was time to go for an Ultra Nightmare completion. Obviously it’s not the quickest or best completion in the world, especially considering that the WR for this is under 2 hours. But for a casual Doom player who just enjoys the game, I’m happy to have a completion of this great game on Ultra Nightmare. All cutscenes were included also, so there’s a lot of time wasted on that.

Overall it’s a fairly difficult challenge, but a lot of fun too. I’ve been enjoying getting better at other games outside of just Destiny 2. Every time I go back to play Doom I also forget how amazing the game and gunplay is. Loads of fun and can’t wait for hopefully more to come, whether it be a new game or not. I might do a UN completion of both DLCs, along with all the Master levels and Horde mode before WQ (assuming I have the time to do it). The 100% part did become slightly annoying however, mostly because of the tedious challenges that require specific glory kills on an enemy that only spawns once in a level.

This is a segmented run, hence the cuts between each level. I didn’t want to sit there for 6 hours at a time doing this, and more importantly trying to remember where every single collectible was for every level in a single playthrough without missing one. So to break that up, between each level I’d quit the UN save to go and practice on another Nightmare save and learn the level and all the collectibles locations first. Once I was comfortable enough with it, I’d then come back to the UN save and complete the level so there was less chance of having to restart it all. Obviously you can see it’s all in the same save and is on Ultra Nightmare though, considering I get the reward at the very end.

Despite that, I lost a few saves in the first few levels in particular. Once on Hell on Earth, twice on Exultia, three times during Cultist Base, once on Doom Hunter Base, once on Mars Core (that was due to the game crashing), and finally once on Nekravol Part 2 (because I missed the single Archvile glory kill and it somehow Blood Punched instead – that was the most annoying one). On one of the Cultist Base wipes it was because I got stuck in an infinite wall climb animation or something, I couldn’t move or anything and had to restart everything. The same happened on Doom Hunter Base also, which was weird bug I’d never had happen when previously playing this.

The boss fights were a little sketchy here, especially on Sentinel Prime and Final Sin due to underestimating the fights. On Nightmare I never had too much difficulty with them so I wasn’t too worried, but I nearly lost the entire run at the end of it. Happy enough to get it done though.

Anyway, for anybody who bothered reading all of this, thanks for watching!

PC setup:
MSI MPG Z490 Mobo, i9-10900k CPU, MSI RTX 3090 SUPRIM X GPU, 64GB DDR4 3200 C16 Ram, 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 8TB HDD

Graphics: Max Settings (Ultra Nightmare) with Ray Tracing on.

Thank you so much for your support!

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