Every Version Of Hulk Ranked By Strength

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Every Version Of Hulk Ranked By Strength
Every Version Of Hulk Ranked By Strength
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Bruce Banner’s angry alter ego has a long history in Marvel Comics, and like every character, he’s certainly seen his fair share of changes. To many, the OG version of the giant green rage monster is the only thing they think of when they specifically think of this character, but dedicated fans know that the comics have given us a long history of different versions of Bruce Banner and the monster within him.

Sure, of course there’s the OG version that we all love, with the smashing and the limited vocabulary, but did you know he sometimes turns into a Grey version of himself who is intelligent enough to speak and calls himself Joe Fixit and works as an enforcer in Las Vegas? Have you heard of Maestro who is a version of the character from an alternate future who we just have to hope our Bruce doesn’t turn into? And sure, we’re all aware of the Professor version of the character thanks to the MCU and even though I have some major problems with that iteration, is that truly the smartest version out there or could Doc Green possibly be smarter? All those things I want to address in today’s video!

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Professor
03:14 Grey
05:00 Hulkpool/Spider-Hulk
06:44 Doc Green
07:56 OG
09:14 Ultimate
10:25 Devil/Immortal
11:20 Planet
12:40 Maestro
13:41 World Breaker

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Written by: Jacoby Bancroft
Narrated by: Jacoby Bancroft
Edited by: Ben Bromley

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