Exploit Development: Looking Unknown Vulnerabilities Stack Buffer Overflow LAB Part 2

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Exploit Development: Looking Unknown Vulnerabilities Stack Buffer Overflow LAB Part 2
Exploit Development: Looking Unknown Vulnerabilities Stack Buffer Overflow LAB Part 2
If you want to venture into Exploit Development and learn how to look for Unknown Vulnerabilities as a SOC TIER 3 analyst would do, understanding the classical buffer overflow exploits where an input buffer overwrites the stack, the function return address that is saved on the stack, and upper memory regions (where you usually place the shellcode) is very important. While many methods for writing exploits exist today, stack-based buffer overflows provided the original exploit vector. However, an abundance of these exploits exist today and continue to grow.
Let’s continue with the second part of this lab. Full explanations of buffer overflows are always a great way to demonstrate how you should think about security.

00:00 Exploit Development: Looking Unknown Vulnerabilities.
00:47 What is the Extended Instruction Pointer?
01:55 Step 5
Calculate the distance to the EIP Register
03:24 Why do we need Endianness?
Big-endian (BE) & Little-Endian (LE)
ASCII code
05:15 Step 6
Redirect Program Execution
09:26 Step 7
Implementing Shellcode
10:29 Steps: Rapid review
Stack Buffer Overflow Part 1 & 2


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