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Grab A Backlink From
Grab A Backlink From
Follow us as we grab a backlink on various high authority domains and show you how to do the same. These back links can help you rank your website on Google.


Jason Brown is the inventor of SERP Tracking and co-founder of SERPWoo. With over 23 years in the online marketing industry ranging from building websites, programming, SEO, email, ORM, PPC, social, and affiliate marketing.

SERPWoo was the first SaaS tool to track SERP changes over time for the top 100 results. With this info, SEO’s were able to reverse engineer what it actually took to rank their websites within specific niches and more accurately predict algo changes and manual penalties… instead of relying on rehashed vanilla generic SEO advice.

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Recorded on a Sony A6400 camera and Shure MV7 mic through a Go XLR Mini. Edited in Divinci Resolve set to 2160p 4k UHD settings, 24 frames per second, MP4, H.264, and AAC audio codec.

Please do not copy, reproduce or redistribute my videos anywhere on the internet, I do not give permission unless it’s expressly given in writing by myself. Thank you

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