How to connect Etsy & Gelato

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How to connect Etsy & Gelato
How to connect Etsy & Gelato
Are you ready to level up your Etsy game with the power of Gelato? Join us in this tutorial where we’ll walk you through how to connect your Etsy store to Gelato, so you can start to sell print on demand products!

Need to set up an Etsy account? Watch how here:
Already connected and looking to know how to add products to your store? Click here:

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Gelato is a production on demand platform that enables creators and entrepreneurs to sell customized products globally while producing locally with over 100 production partners worldwide. This enables you as an ecommerce seller to design and sell products such as wall art, clothing, mugs, and cards in your ecommerce store, while we produce and ship them to your customers. No sign-up fees or minimum orders.

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