How to Download Bilibili Video for Free

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How to Download Bilibili Video for Free
How to Download Bilibili Video for Free
How to Download Video from Bilibili in a Technical Way
This is the safest but also the most complex solution to save videos from Bilibili. To use this way, you need to open a Bibibili video you’d like to download. Then follow us to save the videos.

Step 1. On the page of the video, choose the quality of the video.
Step 2. Press /”F12/” to pen debugger.
Step 3. Choose /”Network./”
Step 4. Refresh the video page.
Step 5. Play the video until you see /”media/” appears under the /”Type/” section.
Step 6. Right-click /”Media/” and choose /”Open in new tab./” Then, this video will be opened on a new page.
Step 7. Just right-click anywhere on the video screen to choose /”save video as./” Then, select the position to house this video. Or you can also press CTRLS to save videos directly.
Step 8. Then, the video will be saved on your computer. You can transfer it to your iPhone or iPad with ease.

Note: Sometimes, Bilibili will separate a long video into short clips, so you may fail to download the full video the first time. When that happens, try again with patience. If you fail again, just go back to use Method 1 or 2 to do it.

The Bottom Line
Now, you have known how to save Bilibili videos. By using the methods offered in this post, you can save any videos you like from Bilibili. Among the three approaches, EaseUS Video Downloader is most recommended, not just because it is simple and free but because it allows you to download any videos from any website.

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The Bilibili, also called B Site, is a Chinese video-sharing website that offers its users various interesting videos covering nearly all fields, including anime, music, dancing, science and technology, entertainment, and more. All videos on Bilibili are available for viewing and sharing, but not downloading.
If you want to download the Bilibili video, some special skills listed in this guide are required. If you have ever downloaded YouTube videos to watch offline, you would be very familiar with the steps.


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