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How To Make A Book
How To Make A Book
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This video is your all-in-one tutorial for everything you need to know about creating, formatting, and selling your book with Lulu.

We’ll walk you through the steps to plan, budget, and publish your book using Lulu’s specifications, ISBNs, and templates. This guide covers market research, budgeting for self-publishing, and how to find and reach your target audience.

Planning your book – Start by preparing your book’s design, creating a publishing budget, and deciding how you’ll sell your book.

Technical aspects of book creation – Pick the right book template to create your book design. We cover front matter/back matter, cover design basics, and determine spine width based on page count.

Uploading your files on Lulu – Select the right product type and goal for your work, including selling your book through the Lulu Bookstore, our Global Distribution service, or on your own site with Lulu Direct.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be ready to publish your own book!

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Tell Your Story. Share Your Knowledge. The World is Waiting.


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