How to use Pinduoduo (PDD) in English for Sourcing in China 2021

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How to use Pinduoduo (PDD) in English for Sourcing in China 2021
How to use Pinduoduo (PDD) in English for Sourcing in China 2021
Pinduoduo (PDD) Tutorial for Sourcing in China 2021

Learn how to use Pinduoduo from start to finish with this easy to follow tutorial. Don’t know Chinese? Don’t have Chinese payment gateways? No freight forwarder? No worries, I show you the fundamental tricks on how to use this platform doe your sourcing needs!

00:28 – Downloading the PDD App
00:56 – Register for a PDD Account
02:00 – PDD Interface Introduction
02:39 – Inputting Your Shipping Address
04:37 – How To Search for Products
06:53 – Contacting Suppliers
07:20 – Purchasing Products on PDD
09:11 – Tracking Orders on PDD
10:01 – Refunds on PDD

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All sourcing platforms in China cheat sheet:
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