INTJ Broken Trust: 5 UNNERVING Ways INTJs Handle Betrayal and Manipulation

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INTJ Broken Trust: 5 UNNERVING Ways INTJs Handle Betrayal and Manipulation
INTJ Broken Trust: 5 UNNERVING Ways INTJs Handle Betrayal and Manipulation
No one likes to be betrayed. When an INTJ is betrayed, however, it hits at another level. Loyalty is at the very top for an INTJ personality type, so when that INTJ trust is broken, those offenders are in for a world of pain. In today’s video, INTJ Broken Trust: 5 unnerving ways INTJs handle betrayal and manipulation, I go into detail exactly what happens when an INTJs trust is broken and what happens during INTJ betrayal.

INTJs often have difficulty trusting others because they believe it must be earned, not given. It can take a long time for them to totally trust another person, which is not an easy process for them. An INTJ wouldn’t think of this as a lack of trust, but rather as being more cautious and guarded about who they actually depend on.

Trusting someone requires believing in their authenticity while also allowing yourself to be vulnerable to being betrayed by that same person. Some people, especially the INTJ, find it difficult to open up and truly trust others. That’s because INTJs are born detectives. They are always looking for connections and patterns, which is driven by their powerful introverted intuition. A lot of times, they don’t like what they see. Once they do let you in, however, you’ll have a genuine fighter that always has your back. There’s isn’t anything that an INTJ values more than loyalty.

This is just one of an INTJs strengths compared to others.

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