Michael King in the LRT Site Clinic

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Michael King in the LRT Site Clinic
Michael King in the LRT Site Clinic
Michael King and Christoph C. Cemper audit more new websites to find problems for off page and onpage SEO. Lots of link problems found, as those are often topics pushed back due to their complexity. In these site clinics we do

• Link & SEO analysis of your website
• Spotting structural problems in your site, links
• Spotting technical SEO issues
• Spotting negative SEO issues
• Potentials for disavows and undisavows
• Identify the most important problems
• Explanation of the problems and options for action
• Learning effect for all participants
• have a lot of fun

This time we are digging deep into following sites:
• thehamptonsdj.com
• compareforexbrokers.com
• mymovingreviews.com
• vectornator.io

Join us next time!

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