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Moving in a Trailer
Moving in a Trailer
Rossi Morreale learns how moving in a trailer works with U-Pack. Also includes instructions on how to install a bulkhead (privacy wall) and how to use the ramp for loading and unloading your belongings.

If you’re moving in a trailer, start by marking the footage you were quoted inside the empty trailer. Measure that distance from the front of the equipment and mark it with a piece of tape or chalk. Remember, you only pay for the space you use! Don’t worry if you under or over-estimated the amount of space you need in the trailer; just use what you need and your price will be adjusted accordingly.

Before you start loading, cover the floor of the trailer space with a plastic tarp to protect upholstered items and furniture. Follow the same rule of thumb as moving in a Cube: load heavy items first and stack lighter boxes on top. Pack high and tight to conserve space and keep your items from shifting around. Use the tracks on the inside trailer walls to tie down your belongings with rope, straps, or bungee cords. You can secure large, heavy, or wheeled items by nailing braces into the wooden parts of the trailer floor. Turn lawnmowers or four-wheelers sideways to make it easier to secure.

When you’re done, cover your entire shipment with plastic sheets or a tarp to protect your things from any dust.

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