PayPal-UPS Tracking Number Scam: 39 Scam Sites Uncovered

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PayPal-UPS Tracking Number Scam: 39 Scam Sites Uncovered
PayPal-UPS Tracking Number Scam: 39 Scam Sites Uncovered
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Learn more about the PayPal-UPS tracking number scam ️

Here at CyberNews, we’ve had our fair share of PayPal scam stories. One of the earliest ones we covered was a complicated PayPal-Facebook scam that was stealing millions from people every single month. In another story, we actually heard from one of the victims, 73-year-old John Richards, who *almost* fell victim to the scam.

But, the newest story is Isabelle’s story….
Isabelle tells CyberNews that she first found the website selling deeply-discounted Garden of Life nutritional supplements on Google. Normally they’d go for 125, but this site was selling them for less than 80. So she bought them and paid with PayPal. Within minutes, the seller provided her with a UPS tracking number for the package and she checked it on the UPS website.

That’s when she discovered something odd: the tracking number was for an item that had been sent ten days earlier, and delivered five days before she bought the products. She immediately tried to call the seller – but the number didn’t work. She emailed them – but no response. She filed a fraud case on PayPal but didn’t get any support from them. She went back to check on the seller’s website, but then discovered it was no longer working. Even worse, PayPal refused to refund her. A few months later, she found our previous stories on PayPal scams and contacted us.

How the scam works

🟪 Step 1: Buy item with PayPal

🟪 Step 2: Scammer sends fake UPS code

🟪 Step 3: Victim realizes it’s a scam

🟪 Step 4: PayPall agrees with seller, victim loses money

0:00 Intro
0:03 Previous CyberNews Paypal scam stories
0:23 Isabelle’s scam story
2:21 How the scam works
4:38 Uncovering the scam network

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