Skara Brae: Orkney’s Neolithic Heart

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Skara Brae: Orkney’s Neolithic Heart
Skara Brae: Orkney’s Neolithic Heart
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Host – Simon Whistler
Author – Morris M.
Producer – Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer – Shell Harris

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Source/Further reading:

National Geographic on why Orkney is important:
Good primer on the various sites:
Discovering the Ness of Brodgar:
Dedicated history site:
Daily life in Skara Brae:
Some details on the houses:
Skara Brae’s passages:
The abandonment of Skara Brae:
Skara Brae facts:
Ness of Brodgar facts:
Maeshowe facts:
Farmers first arrive on Orkney:
Orkney trivia:

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