Square Holes from a Hollow Chisel Mortiser

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Square Holes from a Hollow Chisel Mortiser
Square Holes from a Hollow Chisel Mortiser
WW’nTips-n-Tricks #092: Square Holes

Holes are a mainstay of woodworking. Square holes for things like mortise and tenon joinery is standard practice. You can cut them with chisels, even the specialty /”mortising chisel/” and by machine. But in the past years the perfect machine for making square holes has been left by the wayside.

So today I explore the mortising machine/hollow chisel mortiser and offer up lots of little tips along the way.

This video is an excerpt from the Router Table Build series which will be behind a paywall. But this portion of a larger segment on cutting the joinery of the frame in our frame and panel construction is specialized enough I thought it’d make a good tip.

So enjoy and keep your eyes out for our Router Table Build series.

Bonus: /”History of Woodworking and its Influence on Society/” – https://www.wagnermeters.com/moisture-meters/wood-info/history-of-woodworking/


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