Squedge 22.5 – Bending the Line -The C Block

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Squedge 22.5 - Bending the Line -The C Block
Squedge 22.5 – Bending the Line -The C Block
This is the third episode in the Bending The Line Update. This time we’re exploring the C block. HALF PRICE sale on the book! Only 7.99 for a 32 page book. Squedge tools in various sizes are also reduced in price! Find a conversion chart on our web site, https://phillipsfiberart.rainadmin.com/squedge-c-block.htm. The full line of Squedges are available on our site here: https://www.phillipsfiberart.com/shop/Squedge-Tools–Patterns.htm

Make sure to buy the Original Squedge tools and not the cheap imitations! Buyer beware. Sellers on Amazon and Facebook have stolen our tool and made cheap copies. Ours are made better and you’re supporting the original designer instead of CopyCats! We include a quality free pattern in every tool we sell! Thank you for your love and support!

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