Talk To MentorsS1E4How to become a prepared authorOfficialWebnovel

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Talk To MentorsS1E4How to become a prepared authorOfficialWebnovel
Talk To MentorsS1E4How to become a prepared authorOfficialWebnovel
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S1E1 – S1E4 / Online literature Writing Preliminaries

In the beginning, the first four lessons will introduce the state of online literature, the difference between it and traditional literature. Introduce Webnovel, the leading online literature platform in the industry. What we can provide our authors.

Web novels themes and multiple genres: Eastern Fantasy, Fantasy, Video Games, Urban, Contemporary, Fantasy Romance, LGBT, Fanfiction. What are they? Do you really understand the differences between the genres?

We will guide you through the doors of online literature and help you create your web novel world.


Talk To Mentor is a series of online courses copyrighted by Webnovel.

What you will get:

Understand the magical world of online literature
No longer find it difficult to start writing a web novel
Learn classic techniques to add flair to your works
Learn the magical secrets to monetizing your web novel

Who it’s for

Regardless of any writing experience, anyone who has passion for online literature and wish to systematically learn how to write web novels
Have writing experience who wishes to monetize their work

Curriculum includes:

15 lessons, each 150 minutes worth of professional video tutorials
Webnovel’s best editorial team’s question & answer comment section
Unlock limited edition Badge after completing the entire curriculum

1. Online literature Writing Preliminaries
Welcome Webnovel platform introduction
What is online literature?
Introduction to the categories
How to become a prepared author(You’re here)

2. Web novel writing (basics)
How to construct a work’s basic information (book title/book cover/synopsis)
How to write an outline and character settings
How to write the most important first three chapters
Techniques for setting up a climax

3. Web novel-writing techniques
Three key elements in online literature
Two derived elements in online literature
Classic tropes & techniques
Creative writing

4. Web novel writing (advanced)
How does an author manage their works
A most important element in the online literature industry: daily updates
Writing with a commercialization focus

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