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Task Based Games - Wrist Control
Task Based Games – Wrist Control
I have FINALLY released my NEW COURSE /”Task Based Games to Rapidly Improve your Jiu-jitsu/”. These games are what you need to learn via trial & error. This is how we’re meant to learn! I’m already getting so much great feedback, both from individual students and from schools that have already started using these games in class.

In this video I show you how to work with Wrist Control, one of THE most important fundamental aspects of Jiu-jitsu. In my new course I have more than 50 Task Based Games for you to learn different areas of Jiu-jitsu via trial and error, while simplifying the complexity of it.

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🥋By x2 World Pro Champ & BJJ Black Belt Kit Dale

“It’s honestly by far the greatest content I’ve seen on BJJ and I’ve bought, watched, and read over 50 hours of content in just this year alone.” Antoine B.

“Kit Dale’s conceptual approach really works for me. As someone who only started training late in their early 30s it feels like a much more efficient way to learn. Which is important considering I have to scrape together hours to train each week between work and family commitments.” Cam G.

/”I watched volume 1 of The Art of Jiu Jitsu. Then I went to class and instantaneously performed effortless sweeps and maintained my base in every roll. I am shocked at how 3 principles stated out loud improved my game./” Sean R.

/”The approach to Jiu Jitsu outlined in your videos are pure gold. Kit Dale is the Tim Ferris of Jiu Jitsu! Thank you for putting this out. I have a new plan for learning and to teach my wife & kids./” Mike K.

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