The 4 Best Free Moving Apps to Help You With Your Move

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The 4 Best Free Moving Apps to Help You With Your Move
The 4 Best Free Moving Apps to Help You With Your Move
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The 4 Best Free Moving Apps to Help You With Your Move

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1. Move Advisor
Move Advisor, a new app for moving organizations, is very impressive. We were impressed by its intuitive design and unparalleled functionality. The ambitious app was a moving aid and took the lead right from the beginning. It never lost it until the end, well ahead of its competitors.

Let’s look closer at how Move Advisor can help you through the transitional time in your life.

You are greeted by Move Advisor’s beautiful home screen as soon as you launch it. Each tool addresses a specific stage of your moving process.

The Timeline for Moving
You will be amazed at the level of customization offered by Moving Timeline.

Moving Timeline is the best mobile application that offers a week-by-week checklist.

The sophisticated moving calendar tool needs only to know the date of your move and the method you intend to use to do it. It will then create a week-by-week task list for you to help you navigate the process and make things easier.

You will be able to see the moving tasks you should complete during the week with large, visually appealing icons. Tap an icon to find out more about that task.

Moving Timeline is a mobile-friendly moving planner that doesn’t end at the top. You can mark tasks as completed and then delete them if they are not relevant. Additionally, you can add notes to each task.

The mobile checklist app Moving Timeline also has a unique feature that we find extremely useful – an action button placed below tasks. This allows you to complete the task quicker and more efficiently.

We tapped on the ACTION button under RESERVE a RENTAL TRUCK to be presented with the option of going directly to the websites of four of the largest truck rental companies in this country.

Home Inventory
Move Advisor also offers an advanced home inventory tool that allows you to easily build a comprehensive house moving inventory. We had so much fun creating a virtual household and testing this app for personal moving organizations.

We are warning you: Home Inventory is addictive. This comes from our personal experience.

Once you click ADD A ROOM, the fun begins. Choose a room from the list or create your own. Once you have filled your room, you can fill it with items that you already own.

How do you accomplish that? Drag and drop the desired household item into your room by selecting it from the extensive list at the top.

After your virtual inventory has been completed and your room contents match their real-life counterparts, save your changes to get back the joy of creating another room.

Home Inventory’s great feature is its ability to estimate not only your shipment volume and weight but also how many moving boxes or furniture blankets are needed to transport your belongings.

You may also find the estimated size of your moving vehicle useful, particularly if you are renting a truck to do your own move.

The best thing about the home inventory tool was its ability to back up our inventory via email. You can also mail it to anyone you choose or forward it directly to the moving company. The last option can be a time-saver as it means you don’t need to spend hours calling your movers. You will simply have to describe every item within your home.

Movers Around You
It’s clear that a professional moving company plays a vital role in the success of any moving venture.

Move Advisor will make it easy to find the right moving company.

Moving Around You allows you to find reliable and trustworthy professional movers near you. This saves you the time of searching through hundreds until you finally find one. A list of trusted moving companies is provided, with contact information.

This search tool allows you to quickly view the company’s overall ratings as well as read reviews from past clients about their services. provides the performance ratings as well as moving review data.

Request a Moving Quote
Move Advisor provides an obligation-free and easy way for you to receive a moving estimate from a licensed, insured company. You can then compare the estimates, and select which one best fits your needs and budget.

Move Advisor is our top-rated free moving app and it’s available on iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones.

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