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Types of Moving Estimates - Video Moving Tips
Types of Moving Estimates – Video Moving Tips
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Video Transcription:
Welcome to this edition of My Moving Reviews’ video tips. In this video we’ll share with you some useful and practical advice from our experts to help you make your move easier and stress-free.

We all want to know in advance how much exactly will our move cost and the best way to find out is to get moving estimates and quotes.

The two types of moving estimates which an interstate movers must provide in writing are non-binding and binding.

The Non-binding estimate is supposed to give you a more of a general idea of what you should expect to pay for the move. When furnishing a non-binding estimate, the mover must clearly state that the estimate of the charges is non-binding and explain you that the final charges might exceed the approximate costs in the estimate.

The binding moving estimate is a written agreement made upon reservation. It provides you with the total cost of the move based on the weight or volume of your items and the required moving services. Do not be misled by the term /”Binding/” and consider the binding estimate as a final price.
Both types of estimates are provided by the mover after an execution of a physical home survey, if your home is within 50-miles radius from the mover’s office.

Few tips on how to get an accurate moving quote, which is an essential for a trouble free move:
• Ask movers to execute a survey of your household items.
• If you do not want to undergo a physical survey, provide the movers with a thorough list of your household items. This will help them prepare an accurate moving estimate.
• Let the movers know whether you’ll request additional services, such as packing and storage.

Do not forget that the moving estimates are integral part of your contract – the bill of lading, and therefore must be issued in written and signed by both you and the carrier.

Finally, it’s good to know that your move is governed by the law and it allows and requires only these two moving estimates: binding and non-binding. You choose which one suits you better.

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