Unlocking the Energy Transition with Carbon Capture

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Unlocking the Energy Transition with Carbon Capture
Unlocking the Energy Transition with Carbon Capture
Carbon Capture is key to the energy transition and also creating new opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

As the effects of climate change dominate daily headlines, scientists are working at a furious pace to turn back its impact. The most effective means of doing so break down into a few major categories, says Mei Chia, Senior Business Leader of CO2 Solutions at Honeywell. /”Those categories include changing to renewable power, wind, solar, converting to hydrogen and carbon capture./”

Carbon capture is a process of grabbing the carbon dioxide that is produced by burning fossil fuels or biological processes and storing it or utilizing it in a way that does not adversely affect the atmosphere. While reducing the amount of CO2 produced is a major goal, there are some industries, like steel, power and cement, that are considered /”hard to abate./” In these cases, the lowest cost and most effective way to lessen the environmental footprint is carbon capture. /”It’s like a big washing machine that you put on top of your stacks,/” explains Chia of the technology, /”It basically separates the CO2 from everything else that goes back into the air./”

In this video, Chia explains how these futuristic-sounding technologies are being used right now, and explains how this growing field is ripe for entrepreneurs who very literally want to make a positive impact on their world.

Learn more about Honeywell’s carbon capture solutions here: https://entm.ag/CCTech

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