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USPS Postal Price Calculator
USPS Postal Price Calculator
This tutorial will show you how to calculate postage costs in the US.

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A usps postal calculator will assist you in finding the price for any packages you wish to send or receive.

Step # 1 — Locate the Calculator

Go to /””. At the top, you will need to fill out the sections /”Select a Destination,/” /”Enter Zip Codes/” and /”Enter Mailing./” Make sure you fill out these sections fully and correctly.

Step # 2 — Selecting a Shape or Flat Rate Service

In section 4, you will be given the option of selecting a flat rate or shape. For this tutorial, we will be choosing a shape, so skip the section for the flat rates, and you will see options for shapes beneath it. Choose /”Package,/” then click /”Continue./”

Step # 3 — Viewing the Prices

After clicking /”Continue,/” you will now be on a page which shows you the rates for your package. There is a Post Office Price and Online Price, with the online option being cheaper. You can also look under /”Expected Delivery/” to view the date in which your package should arrive. This usps postal calculator is a must have tool when you wish to quickly calculate prices for packages.

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