What Excites INTJ : 9 Things That Excite INTJ – REAL INTJs Know

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What Excites INTJ : 9 Things That Excite INTJ - REAL INTJs Know
What Excites INTJ : 9 Things That Excite INTJ – REAL INTJs Know
In today’s video, I go into detail on what excites INTJ. These top 9 things that excite an INTJ personality have a lot to do with their cognitive function, introverted intuition.

We know INTJs are pretty rare. One of the rarest among all of the 16 personality types, actually. That’s why, if you have an INTJ friend or an INTJ partner, you might be asking yourself one question a lot. What actually makes them happy or excited since they don’t show their emotions like most other people.

It’s okay that you’re confused because of course, they’re so rare and selective it’s hard to get to know an INTJ. In fact, that’s the main reason that INTJs themselves feel so misunderstood too. But, don’t worry, because that’s what this video is for. Today, I’m talking about the top 9 things that excite an INTJ.

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0:00 Intro
1:07 INTJ Philosophy
2:04 INTJ Learning
3:13 INTJ Solitude
4:12 INTJ Strategy
5:15 INTJ Creativity
6:28 INTJ Nature
7:40 INTJ Organization
8:41 INTJ Perspective
9:24 INTJ Future


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