Which is the Best Land Cruiser 80 series?

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Which is the Best Land Cruiser 80 series?
Which is the Best Land Cruiser 80 series?
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The iconic 80 series is to this day the best built off road truck produced by Toyota in Japan. Question is, which year and engine is the very best Land Cruiser 80?
With full floating axles, ability to lock the differentials (not in all models) and it’s robustmess built for 25 years of hard service before needing any major engine work, this is the Toyota to have!
The engineers over built the 80 in the mid-nineties when the economy was booming in Japan.
They would have to put an addendum to their 25 year claim (now that we are here) and change it to 50 years!
There were 547,000 models of the 80 series made.
Japan kept 107,000, which mostly were Diesels, and the US got 89,000 of which 14,000 were LX450s and 16,000 were the early 91-92 FJ80 models with the carry over FJ62 3FE engine with 155hp.
In 1993, Toyota upped the power plant with a 24 valve 212hp inline 6 gas engine in the US. These are known as the FZJ80s, produced from 1993 through 1997.
You may hear the term /” Triple locked/”. This refers to the Front and rear locking differentials, with that coveted /”Magic dial/” located lower right of the Steering wheel on the dash. There were roughly 30% of all US destine Land Cruiser with this option. All Land Cruisers had the Center locking differential, a button on the FJ80, and automatic on the FZJ80 when you switched the transfer case to Low. However you can do the 7 pin conversion, and put a button up front on your dash to activate the center lock with the transfer case in high position. A simple DIY conversion.
Now that the mall crawlers have had their leases terms come to an end long ago on these 80s, and the overland community starts to acquire the 80 series, we are seeing an increase in the market here in the US and also abroad.
With the 25 year import rule, there are Diesel Landcruisers entering the US market. In the US, we never were privileged to receive the Diesels… until now since the 25 years year wait has elapsed!
The HDJ81s are now entering the US and are we in for a treat. The Diesel engines are not only incredible, but get 2x the MPGs compared to their gas powered counterparts.
From the naturally Aspired HZ1 to the 1HD-T, 1HD-FT, the ultimate power plants. The latest giving 169hp and 265ft lbs of torque at low RPMs,
It will be interesting to see where the 80 series Land Cruiser market will go.
Most certainly it will be up.
As clean rust free low mileage models are more difficult to come across, the prices will reflect so.
In addition, most buyers these days are over landers, and they outfit their LC80s with armor, sliders, suspension lifts, roof racks and it isn’t uncommon to see 20-25k worth of goodies being added to these Iconic Trucks.
That’s right… Trucks not SUVs. These are body on frame construction… just like trucks.
The Land Cruiser has earned it’s respect over the decades and the 80 series being the ultimate example of the Land Cruiser blood line.

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When it comes to the Landcruiser lifestyle, the question isn’t to get a Landcruiser, but rather which one?

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