Why You NEED To Use Gelato For Print on Demand Fulfillment

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Why You NEED To Use Gelato For Print on Demand Fulfillment
Why You NEED To Use Gelato For Print on Demand Fulfillment
Join Gelato https://bit.ly/PODGelato (50% OFF 1ST ORDER CODE: /”Gelato_RyanHogue/”)
Ryan’s Method: Print on Demand Course http://bit.ly/PODCourse
[FREE] Print on Demand Training http://bit.ly/PODMiniCourse
Print on Demand Facebook Group http://bit.ly/PODwRyanHogue
Design Products in Kittl https://bit.ly/Kittl_POD

Gelato Case Study (Movie Posters) — https://www.gelato.com/en-US/customer-stories/your-film-poster-scales-their-ecommerce-business-globally
2.5 Hour Etsy Tutorial Video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?vUT1Sqf6Zih0

SOCIALS @Gelatoconnects
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/Gelatoconnects/

0:00 Introduction
2:14 Gelato Success Case Study: /”Your Film Poster/”
4:37 How To Integrate Gelato w/ Etsy
8:52 Gelato Product Catalog
10:59 Creating a Design in Kittl
11:27 Publishing From Gelato to Etsy
17:06 Gelato Payment Method & Currency


My Courses
Link: http://bit.ly/RyansMethodSchool

My 8-Day Print on Demand Mini-Course (FREE!)
Link: http://bit.ly/PODMiniCourse

My Print on Demand Facebook Group
Link: http://bit.ly/PODwRyanHogue

Need 1 on 1 Help?
Link: http://bit.ly/GetRyansHelp


Link: http://bit.ly/RyanHogueOfficial

Passive Income Facebook Community
Link: http://bit.ly/RyansMethodFB

Discord Server
Link: http://bit.ly/RyansMethodDiscord

Ryan Hogue Investing YouTube Channel
Link: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE_RyanHogueInvesting

TOOLS I USE (Print on Demand)


PrettyMerch PRO Niche Research Tools More for Merch Sellers
Link: https://bit.ly/PrettyMerchPRO

MyDesigns Full POD Content Management System w/ Automation
Link: https://bit.ly/PODMyDesigns

Alura Etsy Seller Suite of Tools
Link: http://bit.ly/GetAlura


Link: https://bit.ly/Gelato23 (60% OFF 1ST ORDER CODE: /”RYAN/”)


AutomatePOD Automate POD Design Creation
Link: http://bit.ly/automate_pod

Merch Titans Automation Automate Your POD Uploads
Link: http://bit.ly/MechTitansAutomation

Flying Upload Automate Your POD Uploads
Link: http://bit.ly/PODFlyingUpload (code: RYANSMETHOD)

PODTurbo Amazon Seller Central POD Automation
Link: http://bit.ly/PODTurbo

Merch Jar Amazon Ads Automation
Link: https://bit.ly/AMZMerchJar (Code: RYANSMETHOD)


All Sunsets Premium Premade Sunset Graphics
Link: http://bit.ly/PODSunsets

Vexels Pre-Made Graphics & All-Over Patterns
Link: http://bit.ly/JoinVexels

Placeit Suite of Design Tools
Link: http://bit.ly/GetPlaceit

Creative Fabrica Graphics & Font Assets
Link: https://bit.ly/PODCreativeFab

Canva User-Friendly Graphic Design
Link: http://bit.ly/JoinCanva


My name is Ryan & at age 30 I quit my day job. I used to work full time as a Sr. Front End Web Developer (I quit this job), & part-time as an adjunct professor teaching web development at a local university (I kept this job — I like teaching!). Both of my day jobs were awesome! But that couldn’t change the fact that I’m completely addicted to the idea of building passive income streams that will allow me to retire from ever working a 9 to 5 job again.

The information shared on my YouTube channel & resources made available is for educational, informational purposes.

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