Yamato Transport Review (my personal advice & experience)

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Yamato Transport Review (my personal advice & experience)
Yamato Transport Review (my personal advice & experience)
I used Yamato transport to move from my share house in Tokyo (west) Japan to Kyoto (central) Japan to temporarily stay with my boyfriend who was in the process of moving until I could find my own apartment. He will go on a business trip to Vietnam. We both currently live in Osaka, Japan.

You can email Yamato in English online to schedule everything (like I did) your pick up, delivery, and payment. COD (cash on delivery) is available people!
You will get a receipt and copies of all of your shipping labels. ‘Please be kind to your delivery dudes!
They will warn you not to place fragile expensive things or valuable in your bags or boxes but they will not check its contents. I personally shipped perfume batteries, my video games and my dishes.

Don’t Be an Ugly American or “one of those gaijin”…
If possible pay with exact change and have all of your boxes packed and organized at the door so that they can be easily and quickly grabbed.
Please use your manners and show thankfulness! These guys are working their butts off and you’re getting a great deal.
If you need help simply use Google translate on your phone to communicate (use simple words and sentences and avoid using slang so that the translation will make sense). Speak slowly and don’t be afraid of using universal sign language or writing with pen and paper.

They can provide you with shipping labels that have your current “shipping from” address already preprinted in Japanese.
You can choose the estimated pickup date and time slot in advance. If for any reason things change you can contact them by phone or email and reschedule the delivery or pickup dates and times. I personally did this recently as I moved again to Osaka as I was broke and came down with a severe case of Mycoplasma Pneumonia (and I still have it but barely).

The second time around the staff was more rude and impatient in Kyoto and their was a team of about 3-4 men this time. In Tokyo their was only one very friendly middle aged man. However my boyfriend did all of the hard stuff for me he wrote my labels and spoke to them.
They can ship boxes to almost anywhere in Japan! the further away the more expensive for example prices to (his hometown) Hokkaido are a bit steep (similar to America) and pickup and delivery dates are very limited.
I recommend scheduling at least 3 days in advance via email and choosing the afternoon time slot. The choice is yours of course!
Yamato gets a solid five star rating from me! They handle my belongings with care even although i personally dragged my suitcase yup and down the stairs like a sleigh they broke their backs to avoid damaging my belongings.

Cost varies upon the weight, size and final destination of your suitcases and boxes.
They are not available everywhere in Japan but this service is generally available in most cities. You can also go to a konbini (select Japanese convenience stores) with the black cat (Yamato Transport logo to have your belongings shipped (within reason of course). However I don’t recommend this route.


If you are ready to have your items delivered fill out the form on their website at this link listed below (NOTE: you will have to reconfirm the answers that you gave on this form AGAIN via a

direct email)https://contact-us.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/webtoi/english/top.do

If you would like to estimate your total cost please visit this page on their website (the link is below).

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